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VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: What Is The Difference?

When your website outgrows shared web hosting services, it’s time to consider more powerful options. Two popular choices are VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Both offer improved performance and control, but they differ in key ways. This article will talk about the main differences between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. What is VPS Hosting? Virtual […]

Local Backup vs Cloud Backups: What To Choose?

Different organisations or businesses have different backup preferences and data security concerns when choosing web hosting in India.  Some might say that the best cloud hosting solution provides excellent cloud backup services, while others might prefer local backup...

Israel’s average salary rises 4.7%

Israel’s average salary rises 4.7%

Israel's average salary in September 2022 was NIS 12,214, the Central Bureau of statistics reports, up 4.7% from September 2021 but down slightly from August 2022. The average salary in the tech sector in September 2022 was NIS 27,511, 5.1% higher than...

Juneteenth celebrated with Roseland pop-up event

Black business enterprise proprietors gathered in Roseland on Saturday to celebrate Juneteenth with a pop-up occasion that integrated foods, audio and a raffle.Racquel J. Bradley, proprietor of Bradley Urban Answers, planned the celebration at Ten3, an party space at...

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